About the BYU Law Academies Program

BYU Law is excited to announce the return and expansion of its Academies Program!

The BYU Law Academies Program provides students who have just completed their first year of law school with world-class skills training delivered by top-flight practitioners working in partnership with BYU Law faculty. Although the details of

Academy curriculum vary depending on the subject matter, each Academy is built around an intensive simulation-based approach that helps students integrate their academic legal training with the real-world practice of law.

The Academies Program allows students to experience high-level law practice in a variety of different practice areas; many Academies also introduce students to important legal markets throughout the country.

The Academies Program is funded by the Law School; participation (including all training, travel, lodging, and meals) is provided at no charge to all students selected for an Academy. Because each Academy is built around group work and specific enrollment numbers, all students who are selected for an Academy are expected to attend that Academy.

Each Academy is intense and demanding. The Law School thus has high expectations for Academy participants, all of whom act in part as ambassadors for BYU Law as they interact with the high-level practitioners volunteering their time to teach our students.

Academy length, format, and preparation requirements differ depending on subject matter; students selected for a 2022 Academy will receive additional Academy-specific schedule details shortly after they receive their Academy placements. All Academy participants must attend and participate in a mandatory orientation and training session beginning at 8:00 AM on Friday, April 22; most Academies will travel to their destination cities on Saturday, April 23 to allow participants to attend church in their host cities and learn more about life in those markets.

November 2021 Academies Presentation