Campus IP Television – BYU J. Reuben Clark Law School

Campus IP Television

To Watch BYU Devotionals – select channel 8 (BYUTV)
To Watch Law School Broadcasts – select channel 70 (JRCB)

Important: You must install VLC prior to launching IP Television for the first time.

Installing VLC

To view IP Television, you must first have installed Videolan’s VLC, which is available from one of the following links:

Note: Follow installation instructions exactly in order to ensure the player will work in your browser.


Windows link

You must select “Mozilla Plug-in” during installation to use in Mozilla Firefox!
Full installation instructions are available at the bottom of this document.


Mac OS X link

Download Mac with web plugin for Intel Mac 1.0.5
Full installation instructions are available at the bottom of this document.

Accessing Campus IP Television through an internet browser

1. The VLC media player must be installed first. See detailed instructions below.
2. Close and restart your browser.
3. Go to, and launch IPTV
4. Click “Show Channels” from the upper right hand corner of the displayed screen
5. Select a channel category (News, Sports, Entertainment, etc.)
6. Click on the channel you wish to watch
7. Click the “Hide Channels” link in the upper right hand corner
8. Buttons at the bottom of the display allow you to adjust volume, change to full screen, etc.

Accessing Campus IP Television through the VLC media player

How to Download the IPTV playlist into VLC media player for:

· Windows
· Mac

If you are in an IPTV enabled area and you receive the following error: “IP Television channels are not available for this network, your network configuration does not support IPTV”, please call the OIT Service Desk at 801-422-4000 and provide them with the IP Address displayed in the error message along with your location and the network jack you are connected to.

Some departments run their own IP networks. Campus IP Television is only available through those networks if they are compatibly configured.