Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic


With the explosion of business startups in Utah and Salt Lake County, entrepreneurs are eager to reach market with the next great idea. Frequently, despite an extensive knowledge about their own business and industry, entrepreneurs need assistance making legal decisions that are critical to the future success of their emerging companies.

Brigham Young University’s Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic, part of the BYU Law School, is a student-based, clinical program aimed to provide innovators and entrepreneurs with legal services. The BYU community has a rich history of producing world-changing entrepreneurs and businesses and the Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic hopes to help other entrepreneurs continue this great tradition.

Under the supervision of clinical faculty and staff, law students work together to represent start-up companies, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations. Clients range from brand-new initiatives, where students help launch the business from a legal perspective, to more established companies with more sophisticated legal needs.

The Clinic also provides a valuable service to the community by helping many nonprofit organizations and other clients who could not otherwise afford legal assistance and who are focused on social entrepreneurship.

We are grateful for the Law School’s Class of 1977, whose generous gift supports the Initiative for the Study of Law and Entrepreneurship, and to Gary and Ann Crocker, for their support of the Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic as part of the Crocker Innovation Fellowship.