Enrolling in the LEC

The Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic serves as a capstone transactional experience for law students. The LEC provides practical experience for law students interested in transactional law. Students will have all the responsibilities incumbent upon attorneys in a small law firm practice, which translates to direct client advice and communications, matter management, multitasking, and active participation in the life of the firm.

Because LEC matters involve actual clients, LEC students’ experiences will not be uniform. However, students will have an opportunity to develop a number of legal skills during their time in the LEC. For example, students will likely draft agreements, form at least one company, and advise clients on complex legal and business issues. Students will also be exposed to law office management techniques that include time-keeping and time-management skills.

The LEC is a 3-credit hour course. It is designed primarily for students in their third year of law school. This course does have pre-requisite classes. Students may take either a corporate or an intellectual property route. Students taking the corporate route must take business organizations and the business organizations skills course prior to taking the LEC course. Students taking the intellectual property route should either be a member of the patent bar or a patent law course. All students are strongly encouraged to take transactional legal drafting, but this course is not required.

Other courses that would be useful to take prior to taking the LEC course include introduction to IP, corporate and partnership tax, the internet law skills course and the mergers and acquisitions simulation course.