Legal Design Clinic

The BYU Law Legal Design Lab is a project-based course in which students learn to use design thinking to analyze and address legal issues.

The course has three parts.

  • First, students learn the basics of design-thinking and how those principles apply to the law.
  • Second, the class works as a team to design a solution to a specific legal problem identified by the instructor and involving a live client. Students communicate directly with the client and other people affected by the problem and work with an interdisciplinary team to create a prototype that addresses the issue. Once a prototype is created, students get feedback on the prototype from the client and other users and iterate based on the feedback. The goal is to release the product to the client or to the public, as applicable, at the end of the semester.
  • Third, students identify a problem in the law that can be ameliorated through improved design. At the end of the semester, students present a proposal for solving the specified problem. The proposals will be considered for future projects at the Legal Design Lab.




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