Council of Inspiring Leaders – BYU J. Reuben Clark Law School

Council of Inspiring Leaders

"At BYU Law, I hope that all of us are inspired with a simple but profound idea: we can change the world for the better. I refer to this idea as inspiring leadership actions that inspire members of our community to lead, as well as leadership that produces inspiration."

Dean Gordon Smith, BYU Law

An Invitation

The world needs more leaders like you. Leaders who inspire by word and deed. We believe our students can better reach their potential by proximity to successful leaders like you. Your engaged sponsorship can change lives. We invite you to become a charter member of the Council of Inspiring Leaders. Council membership will allow you to impact the lives of aspiring young leaders in the following ways:
  • Invest in student leaders through scholarships and fellowships.
  • Assist in welcoming and onboarding new Fellows.
  • Learn from leadership experts and support student scholarship through leadership colloquia.
  • Travel and learn with fellow Council members and law students on an annual Leadership Study Tour.
  • Prepare for future leadership challenges by participating in an annual Future of Law Symposium.
  • Participate in committees that help plan such meaningful events.
  • Assist in identifying, recruiting, and training new Council members.


Your Engagement


By joining this influential council, you affirm your intent to engage as follows:


  • Contribute $10,000 and express an intent to donate $10,000 per year for an additional two years* in support of student aid (100% of contributions will be used for student aid). *The expression of intent does not constitute a promise, binding pledge, contract, debt, or legal obligation to pay. 
  • Make best efforts to attend events that will allow you to interact with students directly.
  • Actively participate in one of the Council’s working committees—Fellowship Onboarding, Leadership Study Tour, Future of Law Symposium, or Membership Development. On the application form, we encourage you to express willingness to serve on one of the committees, but committee service is not strictly required.


Committee roles:


  • Fellowship Onboarding:  Welcome and orient newly selected student Fellows in the late spring.
  • Leadership Study Tour:  Help plan the tour theme, venue, and content in the late fall, with the tour to occur soon after graduation in the spring.
  • Future of Law Symposium:  Help plan the symposium theme, venue, and content in the late spring, with the symposium to occur in October.
  • Membership Development:  Help identify, recruit, welcome, and orient new Council members.


In addition, we ask that you consider creating a leadership endowment in your name or to honor another individual. Leadership endowments require a one-time $200,000 endowment to support the future of the program. Committee members who create an endowment will become Council Endowment Benefactors and be granted legacy Council membership.

Meet Our Fellows

Andrew Evans

An advocate for diversity and inclusion in his educational and religious community, he hopes to inspire unity and prepare students to enter “a highly diverse legal field and to serve in an increasingly diverse church.”

Clark Jones

A passion for helping people and fervent desire to understand their respective culture, propelled him to attend law school, which he views as a catalyst to establish leadership and a voice for others.

Erika Nash

Her experiences with people from all over the world broaden her horizons and increase her capacity to understand, which is "essential to disarming judgment and opening the doors to love and connection with all people.”

Gabriell Sabalones

She is determined to provide service and educational opportunities for underprivileged communities. She actively strives to bridge the divide of inequality between all people within her sphere.

Katherine Rane

With a spark lit within her, she seeks opportunities to foster diversity. She maintains a bilingual blog and details her interactions with people on the periphery and the lessons she’s learned.

Taylor Murphy

His pursuit of education, enhanced by the outstanding examples of others, has afforded him the opportunity to “enter to learn” and “go forth to serve.”

Join the Council

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