Clark Jones: Serving the Underrepresented – BYU J. Reuben Clark Law School

Clark Jones: Serving the Underrepresented

Clark Jones (‘20) seeks to assist and provide opportunities for underrepresented communities. While serving in Argentina, Clark became well-acquainted with the Argentinian culture, learned Spanish fluently, and grew to love the people. This experience made him well-equipped to fill a need involving the Hispanic people in his home state, North Carolina. He worked with a local law firm and the Greenville Police Department to address and remedy current issues.


During his undergrad, he received an award for being “The Outstanding Family and Community Services Graduate.” His passion for helping people and fervent desire to understand their respective culture, propelled him to attend law school, which he views as a catalyst to establish leadership and a voice for others. Currently, he is a mentor in the Academic Success Program, and a member of the Polynesian Law Students Association. Last fall, he interned at the Utah Attorney General’s Office and acted as ambassador with CaseText Research.