Important Dates for 2022 – 2023



JD Application Opens



JD Priority Deadline



JD Final Deadline

Information About the JD Program

To be considered by BYU Law, applicants must:

  • Have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university prior to the start of law school
  • Take the LSAT, GRE, or qualify under the LSAT exemption policy
  • Sign up for a Law School Admission Council (LSAC) account and Credential Assembly Service (CAS)
  • Submit an electronic application through LSAC which includes:
    • College Transcripts
    • Personal Statement – Two pages about yourself
    • Resume – One page describing your academic, extracurricular, and professional activities
    • Letters of Recommendation – Two letters from professors discussing your academic abilities (professional references are acceptable from non-traditional candidates)
  • Complete Two-Leader Ecclesiastical Endorsement
    • Latter-day Saint applicants must have an endorsement from both their current bishop and stake president
    • Non-Latter-day Saint applicants need an endorsement from a member of clergy from their own faith (or a local Latter-day Saint bishop) and from the non-denominational BYU chaplain
  • International students may need to submit official IELTS, TOEFL, or English3 scores in order to be considered for admission

Application Review Process

The BYU Law School Admissions Committee reviews applications on a rolling basis. Typically, applicants can expect a response in 4 to 6 weeks. A decision from the committee will be acceptance, denial, or an invitation to join the waitlist.

Some of the factors the committee considers are:

  • Undergraduate GPA
  • LSAT/GRE score
  • Prior work experience
  • Advanced degrees
  • Diverse life experiences

Ecclesiastical Endorsement

An ecclesiastical endorsement must be completed before an application will be reviewed. Applicants interested in applying for Fall 2023 can begin the ecclesiastical endorsement process starting September 1st, 2022. Start your ecclesiastical endorsement.

Latter-day Saint applicants need an endorsement interview with both their bishop and stake president.
Non-Latter-day Saint applicants need an endorsement interview with both their local religious leader or local Latter-day Saint bishop and the non-denominational BYU chaplain.
If you do not already have a BYU Net ID, you will need to create one.