Hire Our Students

Our students are great because…

Excellent Academics

The LSAT and GPA’s for our entering classes are comparable to the top schools in the country.

Foreign Language Ability & International Experience

Seventy-five percent of our students speak a second language fluently (about 40 different languages) including Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. Additionally, many of our students have lived overseas and have learned to interact with cultures other than their own native culture.

Top Externship Program

Our nationally ranked Externship Program provides our students with great hands-on experience. 81 percent of our students complete at least one externship prior to graduation. These externships include domestic and international opportunities in law firms, government and public interest agencies, judges’ chamber, and corporations.
Law Journal and Moot Court/Trial Advocacy Experience:

While they are in law school, our students hone their legal skills by participating in one of three law journals or in our nationally-ranked moot court or trial advocacy programs. These attributes, in addition to instruction from one of the top faculties in the county, make our students attractive candidates for any position.