Collect Employer Instructions

Collect employers are those employers who would like to receive application materials in a
group from our office, rather than directly from the student.

To Apply to Resume Collect:

  1. Log into LINX:
  2. Click on “OCI and Job Listings.”
  3. Click on “Job Listings” on the top bar.
  4. Click on “More Filters” dropdown box and select “Resume Collect.”
  5. Check the box “20xx Fall Resume Collect” then click on “Search”
  6. Click on the blue highlighted job title and in the top right hand click on “Apply”
  7. Upload the requested application materials and again click “Apply”.
  8. You will see a ‘Congratulations’ at this point, you have successfully applied.

Decide which employers you would sincerely enjoy working for and compile the requested
documents for each employer.

The Deadline to upload your application materials and make your selections for the Fall Resume
Collect Employers is typically the beginning of July.

We recommend you follow up with Collect Employers within 7 -10 days of the application
deadline to make sure they received your documents and to inquire about scheduling an