Recruiting Services

There is no fee to participate in any of our programs and employers can prescreen all candidates. 

On-campus Interviews are held twice a year, in the fall and early spring. Interviewing at the school will provide you with the broadest applicant pool possible. Our interview schedules are flex­ible allowing you to set interviews any time from 8:oo a.m. to 5 p.m. Lunch for each interviewer will be provided as desired.


Resume Collections can occur at any time. We can send you a packet of applications to review at your leisure. Interviews can be scheduled on campus or in your office at your convenience.


Job Fairs. We offer two job fairs. We have a Las Vegas Job Fair which is held on a Saturday in September. These interviews are held in Las Vegas at the offices of Alverson, Taylor & Sanders. Students provide their own transportation and lodging.

We also hold a Winter Job Fair each January. We schedule a room for employers to set up a table to meet and greet students. This provides an opportunity for employers and students to become familiar with one another prior to our On-campus Recruiting season.


The Early Interviewing Program takes place in early August. There is no fee to participate and you can prescreen all candidates. This option provides you with the convenience of interviewing students in your own office and you are assured that students are interested in your geographic region as they pay their own travel expenses.

To participate in an on-campus interview session, resume collection, the early interviewing program or a job fair, please register at:

With the help of BYU Law’s Office of Career Services and Professional Development, it is an easy process to participate in. Recruiting Manager Coleen Nelson is available to provide more information at, 801 422-1857.