Academic Development Program

The J. Reuben Clark Law School Academic Development Program (“ADP”) is dedicated to assisting all law students achieve academic excellence and maintain a balanced approach to life.

Study Skills Enhancement

Prior to the start of their first semester of law school, incoming students can
participate in summer training sessions presented on-campus by law
professors. These sessions assist students in cultivating effective study skills
necessary to their academic success. All students can access video
recordings of these summer sessions.

Preparing for Class

Getting the Most Out of Class

Exam Preparation


The ADP Student Advisors help first year students thrive by developing a comfortable mentoring relationship and teaching effective study skills. They act as a resource to overcome the sometimes challenging adjustments to the rigors of a legal education. Finally, advisors provide one-on-one assistance to any student in need of help.
Student Advisors prepare and present workshops to the entire first-year class on various topics such as case briefing, outlining, and exam taking. They also work with individual students one-on-one to strengthen their confidence and academic performance.

The ADP Student Advisors assist students by providing personal mentoring. Such mentoring can include:

  • Helping students adjust to the law school method of teaching and learning;
  • Helping students effectively prepare for classes and exams;
  • Providing a framework and understanding for creating and using course outlines;
  • Answering questions about life-school balance, courses, or law school generally;
  • Giving perspective to law school as someone who has been there before;
  • Being a friend in a new and challenging environment.

An ADP advisor may be available for any student.
For information about one-on-one tutoring contact Dean Archibald directly.

First-Year Students
ADP also provides an informal network for mentoring available to all first-year law students. Each Student Advisor has been assigned several first year students for which they are available as a general law school resource. These Student Advisors can be contacted by email or at their carrel and will be happy to provide you with information, although you may need to set up an appointment as they tend to be busy. If you do not know who your informal mentor is, please contact one of the Lead Student Advisors.

Second and Third-Year Students
ADP also provides mentoring for second- and third-year law students. If you are such a student and would like to know more about how ADP can help you, you may also contact Dean Archibald directly.