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“We tried mentoring programs in the past that had done some good, but they never really developed into sustainable programs, and we wanted to try a different approach that would help build longer-lasting relationships,” says Gayla Sorenson, the law school’s assistant dean of external relations. “Just because you are a law student and someone else is a lawyer, that doesn’t mean you will click.”

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What do a karaoke night with law professors, a first carrel choice in the library, and an evening of fine cheeses with a law dean from Wisconsin all have in common?

BYU Law Introduces the Stephanie S. and John L. Sorensen Student Commons

Students from the Student Bar Association presented the Sorensens with two glass plaques and expressed gratitude for the Sorensens’ generosity and commitment to the BYU Law community. In his comments, Dean Gordon Smith thanked the Sorensens personally and on behalf of all BYU Law students for “being such an example of inspiring leadership.”