Anti-Virus Software

Anti-Virus Software

We recommend downloading a free anti-virus software like Mircrosoft Security Essentials or Sophos. We also recommend downloading a program called Malwarebytes that you can regularly run to remove malware from your computer. BYU Office of IT has also created a website called BeSafe, that contains useful information about viruses, phishing emails, social networking, and other Internet safety issues and best practices.


Virus protection is required on any computer using a wired or wireless connection to the BYU campus network. The Office of Information Technology continues to establish procedures in an effort to prevent and stop the spread of viruses, worms, etc. However, to be successful requires the cooperation of every campus user since infection can be spread through many different sources, including thumb drives, email attachments, Internet downloads, and browsing.

To help protect against infections, two important procedures every user should incorporate are:

  1. Keep the PC’s operating system up-to-date (by regularly checking and downloading your updates)
  2. Keep the PC’s virus protection software up-to-date.


Malwarebytes is free malware removal software that you can download for your personal computers only (if the laptop is owned by the law school you cannot keep this piece of software on your machine). The free version runs scans on demand to find and quarantine malware and potentially unwanted programs. It does not provide active coverage and should be used alongside a dedicated anti-virus solution. Malwarebytes can be downloaded here.


Sophos is an Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software. It actively detects and quarantines viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, adware and other potentially unwanted applications. BYU recommends but does not support Sophos for personal / non-university computers. There is a free tier for personal use. It can be downloaded here. We can provide basic assistance installing and configuring Sophos, but may refer you to Sophos Support for additional assistance.