David Armond
Assistant Dean for Information Technology
Chair – Technology Management Committee
+1 (801) 422-4258

June 5, 2023

Congratulations on your admission to the J. Reuben Clark Law School.  At BYU Law, we strive to integrate the latest technological advances in legal education.  Technology support for our law students includes the following:

  • All students are assigned individual library study carrels, wired both with AC power and a network connection.  Additionally, most student study rooms have large, flat panel displays to support group collaboration.
  • Most classrooms have AC power outlets installed so students using laptops in class can do so without reliance on battery power.
  • Wireless network (802.11 AC) is installed throughout the building.
  • All faculty have some course materials on the web.  At the instructor’s option, class audio recordings and presentation materials may be made available on the web.
  • Students may use their laptops (Windows and Mac) with law school provided copies of ExamSoft’s Examplify to write their examinations.  (95%+ students participate.)
  • Students are given law school email accounts. (Official communication to students from the faculty and staff are made via email.)(Note that general University policies will refer to a graduate student account in the form of your netid@byu.edu. For enrolled law students official correspondence will be sent to your @law.byu.edu account.)

The Law School has a few policies dealing with technology that you should be aware of; the full list of policies can be found here.

Student Computer Policy

Because the modern study of law requires access to and interaction with a variety of electronic and internet-based materials, students are expected to bring their own technology for note-taking, class exercises, online research, examinations, etc. When making technology choices, students may wish to consider selecting computers from a published list of specially configured models that are used by Law School faculty and staff. These models are tested for compatibility with examination software and Law School IT Services and are supported while under manufacturer’s warranty.   For a list of laptops the law school uses please see the law school Laptop Purchase Information page.

Student Technology Support

The Law School HelpDesk has the primary charge of supporting faculty and staff technology.  It also provides support to those students who have the same hardware, operating systems, and warranties as faculty and staff.   For those students who purchase different hardware, operating systems, and software, the HelpDesk is, unfortunately, able to provide only minimal help and will typically need to refer students to other resources.

E-mail Communication

E-mail is the official means of communication at the Law School. Students are expected to check their Law School e-mail account frequently for course-related and other Law School communications.

We look forward to welcoming you as part of the law school community.  Again, congratulations on your admission to the Law School.

I look forward to getting to know you in the coming years.


David Armond
Class of 2004