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Gmail Online Training

Training links to help you get acquainted with your new account:


While we encourage you to view the links above for more comprehensive training, here are links for specific features to get you started:

Gmail tips and tricks: (includes inbox management, labels, composing and finding messages)

Forwarding to another email account automatically:

Using multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously:

How to retract a message: Undo Send lab:

How to reset account password:

How to set up recovery information:

Transferring data from Gmail or Google Drive:


Some of you requested your account to allow caching. Here are the instructions:

How to allow caching with Gmail:
1. Install Google Chrome –
2. Install “Offline Google Mail”
3. Click on the “Offline Google Mail” Icon (if it doesn’t show up automatically, open a new tab and click on the apps tab at the bottom of the window), click allow and save changes.