Pharos Printing

Pharos printers are pay-per-page printers. They cost 7 cents per black and white and 15 cents per color.  You use your student ID card to pay for your printing.

BYU Law School uses the University Pharos print client. To install Pharos printers, click on this Pharos instructions link.  Select “Open Access Printing” and follow the instructions given.

Student Co-Op Printing

As a student attending the J. Reuben Clark Law School, you are eligible to join the Law School Printing Co-Op. The Co-Op was established to provide law students with basic printing services at greatly reduced rates. In an effort to reduce printing costs, the law school installed high speed printers into the law library for the use of Co-Op members. Prior to the Co-Op, law students had to pay seven cents per page to print through the University Print Services printers in the law library. Co-Op printing can be as low as two cents per page.

You may subscribe to Co-Op from one of three ways:

  1. $15 membership. This subscription allows you to print up to 500 pages (3 cents per page). This page allocation will be carried over subsequent semesters.
  2. $40 membership. This subscription allows you to print up to 1500 pages (2.67 cents per page). This page allocation will be carried over subsequent semesters.
  3. $60 membership. This subscription allows you to print up to 3000 pages (2 cents per page). This page allocation will be carried over subsequent semesters.

Once Subscribed:

  • You may print up to the allocated amount of pages of law school work and other personal printing on the designated printers. 
  • Co-Op members may purchase additional pages if their printing needs exceed their initial membership page allocation.
  • Additional pages are sold at three cents per page in 500 page increments: 500 pages for $15, 1000 pages for $30, 1500 pages for $45, etc.). 
  • Co-Op printing purchases are non-refundable and cannot be sold or shared.

Co-Op Rules

The success of the Co-Op depends upon all participants not abusing their printing privileges. Consequently, Co-Op members must abide by the rules listed below. In this regard, please be aware that the Help Desk uses software to monitor printing. The violation of these rules may result in Co-Op privileges being suspended. If printing privileges are suspended, appropriate arrangements to reinstate them may be made with Gary Buckway or David Pratt in room 459C JRCB. Please keep in mind the following Co-Op rules:

  • Co-Op members may not allow others to print using their username, nor may members print for non-members.
  • Printing privileges may not be shared with others or sold to others.
  • Co-Op members should print their Lexis research on the Lexis printers in the library. Printing on the Lexis printers is free of charge and will not count against Co-Op page allocations. Lexis research printed on Co-Op printers will be charged against your page allocation.
  • Only Co-Op members will be allowed to purchase additional pages at $.03 per page for printing needs that exceed their initial page allocations. Students who opt for the semester printing option will only be members of the Co-Op during the designated semester.
  • DO NOT LOAD PAPER IN OR TRY TO CLEAR JAMS, OR OTHERWISE TRY TO SERVICE ANY OF THE PRINTERS YOURSELF; YOU COULD DAMAGE THE EQUIPMENT! Contact the Help Desk located at 459 JRCB, or call them at 801-422-3884 and THEY will promptly take care of the problem. Help Desk hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

FAQs concerning the Co-Op:

  • Where Do I Sign Up?

Follow this link: or go to the Accounting Office, 367 JRCB

  • Will I Save Money?

Assuming you sign up for the full academic year, you will save money if over the cost of printing through University Print Services you print at least 860 pages of material. The average Co-Op member last year combining one semester and academic year subscription printed over 2400 pages. At six cents per page, this level of printing using University Print Serves would have cost about $124.

  • What if printer server goes down?

Please call the HelpDesk if the print server goes down during normal working hours and they will immediately address the problem. If your printing need is urgent, you may go to the HelpDesk to print. HelpDesk personnel are automatically paged by the network if the printer server goes down after hours. In that case, HelpDesk personnel will immediately address the problem and should have the printer server running within a couple of hours.

  • What if the printer I normally print to is broken, out of paper, or otherwise out of order?

Immediately call the Help Desk at 422-3884 during normal working hours, if we are not in leave a message and print to one of the other Co-Op printers. There are two Co-Op printers on the third floor of the library and one on the first floor of the library.

  • Can I check to see how many pages I have left on the CO-OP?

Yes, logon to the printing Co-Op website and your page count will be in the top right corner.

  • Will the Co-Op printing work with my exempted laptop?

Maybe. For all incoming 1Ls we have provided 5 free pages so that you can install and test the Everyone Print client and printers. If you have an approved laptop and have problems with the Co-Op you may come to the Help Desk and receive help to make it work.

  • When will my Co-Op printing account expire?

Your Co-Op account will expire after the bar examinations of your graduating year. This is usually around the first week of August. There will be no refunds of pages not used in your account. We encourage all users to manage their accounts according to this time frame. Please contact the HelpDesk if you have any questions.

We look forward to working with you this year to make the Co-Op a continuing success.

  • Where are the printers located?

The Basement Coop is located in the corner of the basement of the library near the elevator.

The Commons Coop is located in the Student Commons.

The Second Floor Reference Coop is located near the public computers on the second floor of the library.

The Bathroom Coop is located near the study rooms on the third floor of the library.

The Third Floor Reference in located near the public computers on the third floor of the library.

Co-Op Installation Instructions

To install the printers on your computer follow the instructions here (this option prints double/single sided).

To print from the browser select “Driver Print” and choose the “Simple Direct” AFTER logging on to EveryonePrint.