Initial Training

Three Things to Start


Joining Meetings

Difference between a Zoom user and a Participant in meetings/How to switch between participant and user


Scheduling Meetings

Ways to schedule
Zoom Client
On Web profile page
Delegate Scheduling
Types of meetings
Scheduling a Recurring Meeting
Password protected vs open
Require authentication
Using personal meeting ID


Options for scheduling meetings

Enable join before host
Mute participants upon entry
Enable waiting room
Only authenticated users can join
Record the meeting automatically
On the local computer
In the cloud
Only authenticated users can join meetings
Alternative hosts


Conducting Meetings

Managing your Environment

Always show meeting control toolbar

Managing Participants

Muting/unmuting yourself and others
Giving rights through Participant view
Changing Name/s
Using Chat
Using the waiting room


Sharing Your Screen

Basic Setting
Pause and Stop
Advanced Techniques
Dual screens
Sharing PC audio

Using Breakout rooms
Using Polling


Managing Recordings

Recordings settings In the cloud

Record the meeting automatically

On the local computer

Setting Recording Quality

Editing Recordings

Sharing Recordings