Academic Advisement

At BYU Law School, we do not have majors, minors, tracks, or certificates. Instead, we encourage each student to choose a thoughtful and individualized course of study, using career paths that indicate to a student which classes to take in a particular area of interest.

Please refer to the documents below to fill out your individualized curriculum plan.

Technical questions about graduation requirements, including “buckets,” credit limits, grades, and course registration, should be directed to the Registrar. In the fall semester of their third year, students will be invited to meet with the Registrar to ensure all graduation requirements are met.

General questions about curriculum plans and course selection should be directed to Professor Joi Pearson, Director of Academic Development.

Personal Graduation Plan

Use this template and checklist to ensure that your curriculum plan meets all graduation requirements and accomplishes your unique goals.  

General Career Paths

This document provides information on general career paths in the law and includes recommended courses for each path.