Student Laptop Software

What we provide

The Law School will provide most of the specialized software you need to operate in the law school environment at no charge to you.

For students who choose to participate in the printing Co-op, the HelpDesk provides print drivers.

For personal computers BYU recommends, but does not support Sophos Anti-Virus’ free tier.

Software for Exams
Approved laptops have been pretested and certified to work with Examplify, a program used by students to take examinations.  Only laptops that support Examplify may be used during examinations.  Students who wish to use non-approved laptops to take exams must bear the responsibility confirm that Examplify functions properly on their computers.  All students may go to the HelpDesk for assistance with this task.

What you need to acquire


Word Processing
The 1st year Legal Research and Writing Course uses the collaborative editing features of Microsoft Word versions 2010 and later.  We are often asked do I really need purchase this when I have access to free word processing software?  The answer is, YES!  As much as we love using notepad, notepad++, VI, or any other text editing software for taking notes.  All writing assignments that will be critiqued in your 1st year writing class need to be in a MS Word format.  Failure to acquire a word processor that can recognize Word’s reviewing features (Track Changes and Comments) would prevent a student from receiving valuable feedback.  As a BYU student, you can purchase the entire Microsoft Office from the BYU Bookstore for the heavily discounted price. BYU also provides four free years of Microsoft Office 365 here.