Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs
Full-Time Faculty
Full-Time Faculty
Legal Writing Faculty
Associate Dean for Faculty and Curriculum
Full-Time Faculty

Karen Andrews Profile Photo
Karen Andrews
Senior Manager
Amy Andrus Profile Photo
Amy Andrus
Associate Director, International Center for Law and Religion Studies
Anne Apuakehau Profile Photo
Anne Apuakehau
Faculty Administrative Assistant
Gary Buckway Profile Photo
Gary Buckway
IT Manager
Zona Cannavo Profile Photo
Zona Cannavo
External Relations Event Coordinator
Michael Cazanave
Marketing & Social Media Manager
Autumn Christensen Profile Photo
Autumn Christensen
Assistant Academic Events Planner
Janeen Christensen Profile Photo
Janeen Christensen
5th Floor Faculty Secretary and Legal Assistant
Melanie Coleman Profile Photo
Melanie Coleman
Access Services Librarian
Glen Collyer Profile Photo
Glen Collyer
Dave Colton
Career Advisor
Jillyn Comstock Profile Photo
Jillyn Comstock
Admissions Coordinator
Christine Cooke Fairbanks Profile Photo
Christine Cooke Fairbanks
Manager of Student Life
Lisa James Cope Profile Photo
Lisa James Cope
Assistant to the Dean
Danielle Dallas Profile Photo
Danielle Dallas
Career Advisor
Dianne Davenport Profile Photo
Dianne Davenport
Circulation Manager
Rachel Edwards Profile Photo
Rachel Edwards
Communications Content Writer
Vance Everett Profile Photo
Vance Everett
Systems Manager
Erin Fale
Director of External Relations
Andrea Fitzgerald Profile Photo
Andrea Fitzgerald
Director of Admissions
Chelsea Frandsen
Bonnie Geldmacher Profile Photo
Bonnie Geldmacher
Acquisitions Librarian
Todd Goodsell Profile Photo
Todd Goodsell
Career Advisor
Julie Hamilton
Administrative Assistant
Claire Hardester Todd Profile Photo
Claire Hardester Todd
Admissions Specialist
Mark Harris Profile Photo
Mark Harris
Web Developer/Architect
Karen Hill
Grants and Partnership Manager
Maureen Holman Profile Photo
Maureen Holman
Administrative Assistant
Andrea Howard Profile Photo
Andrea Howard
Assistant Acquisitions Librarian
Matt Imbler Profile Photo
Matt Imbler
Assistant Controller
Timothy Keller Profile Photo
Timothy Keller
Barbara Melendez Profile Photo
Barbara Melendez
Diversity, Equity, and Belonging Director
Coleen Nelson Profile Photo
Coleen Nelson
Recruiting Manager
Teresa Odam Profile Photo
Teresa Odam
Serials Librarian
Amberly Page
Publications Director
Candice Poole Profile Photo
Candice Poole
Academic Event Planner
David Pratt Profile Photo
David Pratt
Enterprise Application Architect
Corrie Richards Profile Photo
Corrie Richards
Administrative Assistant
Sherie Rogde
Conference Liaison Officer, International Center for Law and Religion Studies
Blythe Shupe Profile Photo
Blythe Shupe
Communications Specialist, International Center for Law and Religion Studies
GaeLynn Smith Profile Photo
GaeLynn Smith
Law School Registrar
Sandy Stephenson Profile Photo
Sandy Stephenson
IAC and Conference Liaison, International Center for Law and Religion Studies
Hailey Sutterfield Profile Photo
Hailey Sutterfield
External Relations Program Coordinator
Dr. La Nae Valentine
Counseling and Psychological Services
Deborah Wright Profile Photo
Deborah Wright
Administrative Secretary