Larry Echo Hawk

Professor of Law

Before joining the BYU Law School faculty in 1995, Larry Echo Hawk served as attorney general of Idaho (1991-1995).  He is the first Native American elected to a constitutional statewide office.  During this time he served as a national co-chair for Native Americans for the Clinton-Gore administration.  Before his election to the office of Idaho attorney general, professor Echo Hawk also served in the Idaho State House of Representatives and as the prosecuting attorney for Bannock County, Idaho.

Born in Wyoming and raised in New Mexico, professor Echo Hawk is a member of the Pawnee tribe.  He attended BYU on a football scholarship as an undergraduate, and after graduating from law school worked in a legal practice in Salt Lake City from 1975 – 1980.   He is also the senior partner of Echo Hawk Law Offices in Pocatello, Idaho. He is currently serving as head of the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs.

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