Quick Start Guide

The LLC Formation Tool supports the formation of LLCs in Delaware, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Utah. The tool, when used effectively, should improve legal service delivery and promote ongoing compliance among the clients served. The instructions below will get you set up to use this tool.


STEP 1: Set up an account with LawHelp Interactive (LHI). To do this, follow the instructions in the “Setting Up an LHI Account” document. Then familiarize yourself with the operation of LHI’s document automation service by reviewing “Using LHI to Assemble LLC Documents.”


STEP 2: Review the following documents located in the Getting Started section: “Interviews, Guides & Summaries,” “Document Templates” and “Resources.” In order to effectively use the LLC Formation Tool, you need to familiarize yourself with its structure and operation. These materials provide a good basic understanding of the core features of the LLC Tool and some guidance regarding effective use. Also, see the “Document Automation” article which provides context for the LLC Tool as a document automation application.


STEP 3: Review the material in the “Practice Guides” section for brief recommendations on how to use the LLC Tool to more effectively deliver client services. (Coming soon.)


NOTE: Since the tool can be used to form LLCs in several different states, users must always specify the jurisdiction (state) in which an LLC is to be formed. Consequently, a “jurisdiction” question appears at the beginning of every interview. The formation jurisdiction for a given matter only needs to be specified one time as jurisdiction information, once entered, is automatically saved in the answer file associated with the matter.