40 Years of Influence: Garth Chandler

November 13, 2018

Garth Chandler served in the army while attending law school. After graduating, he was posted to Germany where he tried hundreds of cases, from absence without leave to capital murder. “It was a wonderful experience for a lawyer,” he explained. “It really gave me a good foundation to practice law.”

After serving in the army for three years, Chandler received an offer to teach at the United States Military Academy. He spent the next 30 years working in various military capacities, including representing the Secretary of Defense to Congress. “It didn’t require me to have a law degree, but certainly the skills I acquired as a lawyer–the foundation I received at BYU Law, enabled me to better represent the Secretary of Defense,” he said. Chandler’s success in that position led to several world-status commission appointments where he worked out of the White House. He also served as the director of the Army’s ethics program.

After 30 years in the military, Chandler retired, only to go back to work the next week as the Director of Ethics at Raytheon, where he continues to work. Chandler feels his degree has helped him in all his capacities. “During the course of my career I’ve found that the skills we acquired in law school have benefitted not only my ability to practice law, but my ability to do many things in life.”

Chandler is grateful for the experience he had at BYU Law School. “I cherish those memories and feel honored to have been a part of the beginning of something great. I’m honored as a result to have been able to serve on behalf of our country, our school, and the gospel,” he said.