ACS Event: Professor Maybell Romero

March 2, 2016

BYU Law Professor Maybell Romero spoke about pop culture and the criminal justice system at an American Constitutional Society event on March 2, 2016. Professor Romero discussed the questions, "What effect has pop culture had on the development of the criminal law system, and how do practitioners manage public perception of that system?" 

According to Professor Romero, pop culture as reflected in movies, TV, and other media shapes the world around us.  For instance, local news can shape public opinion based on the types of stories covered. TV shows such as NCIS, where crimes are solved with technology and DNA in a matter of minutes, distort how lengthy the process can be.

"The most troubling inaccuracy on TV and in movies is the treatment of a defendant’s rights,” Professor Romero said. “These can prime people to think that the infringement of the defendant’s rights is allowable because it is an end to a means.”

Professor Romero suggested that people want to be educated about the justice system and attorney should take the opportunity to share their knowledge.