Airforce JAG

November 13, 2018

Captain James Klinedinst of the U.S. Air Force provided insights into the JAG program on September 6, 2016. Klinedinst is a Chief of Separations and Preventive Law and has worked in civil law throughout his tenure in the JAG Corp.

Klinedinst highlighted some of the specific benefits of JAG employment, including working for a world class law firm, gaining immediate experience in prosecuting cases shortly after taking the bar exam, and increasing exposure to many different areas of law. He also highlighted the travel opportunities that are available because Air Force bases are stationed throughout three continents, including countries such as Italy, Germany, England, Japan, and also various states in the U.S.

The Air Force JAG looks to recruit law students who have a background in community service and who also have strong leadership potential. According to Klinedinst, their goal is to “attract high quality, informed, and eligible candidates who embody the US Air Force Core Values.” Applicants must not only succeed academically but also be well-rounded. For students considering the JAG, Klinedinst advises that they recognize the significant impact of their work. “As a representative of the United States, it’s kind of sobering, knowing the responsibilities you have.”

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