Alumni Weekend 2018

February 7, 2019

By Jonny Spach & Rachel Stock

The 2018 Alumni Weekend kicked-off, or teed off, with the Annual Alumni Golf Tournament at Hobble Creek Golf Course in Springville. The weather, combined with a beautiful golf course, provided a landscape for a very successful tournament. Michael Larsen, Class of 1983, said the golf tournament represents both new memories and old with BYU Law School. “For me, after 35 years in practice, it is about returning to my roots. And this year that was literally the case, as the tournament moved to Hobble Creek, the venue of many memorable rounds of golf with law school buddies… the last time I played Hobble Creek was on the day of my graduation from law school.” New memories were made as well, with Dean Gordon Smith highlighting the event with a hole-in-one. Each foursome was able to chat briefly with Dean Smith, as well as Gipper Finau and Dale Murphy, who were our celebrity guests this year. After the round, lunch was provided and BYU swag was given to winners and participants.

That afternoon, the annual Supreme Court Review was held in room 205 of BYU Law School. Nine of our outstanding BYU Law professors shared insights into the current Supreme Court nominee and several of the most critical cases from the 2017-18 session. We appreciated the turnout of our alumni and students, and everyone who rushed over from the Golf Tournament to attend the end of the series.

Evening brought the Alumni Reunion Dinners on BYU Campus for the classes of 1978, 1983, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2008, and 2013.  Many attendees expressed that they had a very nice time talking and laughing with their classmates. Wendy Archibald from the class of 1993 said:  “What a delight to spend time at my law school class reunion. Despite the time between visits, my classmates’ goodness and sense of humor continue to enhance the bond we created as a class way back when. Their friendship and example are among the greatest gifts of my law school experience. My only regret is not seeing more of them.”

On Saturday, September 8th, we had a short CLE session in room 205 of BYU Law School.  Thank you to the attorneys who made the early drive to the building and maneuvered the halls among the local LSAT-takers.  Our presenters enjoyed themselves and it was a beautiful way to start a Saturday morning.

Alumni Weekend concluded with the Football Tailgate before the Cougars took on the Golden Bears of Cal-Berkeley late Saturday evening. Held on the law school patio, alums arrived dressed in Cougar blue and white. Activities included eating J-Dawgs, families playing cornhole and tossing the frisbee, kids getting their faces painted or taking photos in our photo booth. The highlight for many, as always, was the opportunity to snap a photo or several with our own Cosmo the Cougar.

In short, it was a fantastic and successful Reunion Weekend. We look forward to the classes of ‘79,’84,’89,’94,’99,’04,’09, and ’14 joining us September 13-14, 2019 for Alumni Weekend which includes a home football game against USC.