Andy Spalding on Sports and Corruption

November 14, 2018

BYU Law’s Sports and Entertainment Law Society hosted a Sports and Corruption lecture on February 4, 2016. Professor Andy Spalding from Richmond Law School addressed students on the topic of “FIFA, the Olympics, and the Global Anti-Corruption Movement.”

Professor Spalding helped students understand why corruption in sports is a pressing topic in world affairs. “Major sporting events interface with government institution,” he said. “Corruption in sports is often an issue of corruption in government.”

Professor Spalding described how in recent years “[the U.S.] has taken a very aggressive position of leadership in enforcing anti-corruption issues.” Highlighting U.S. efforts to investigate and prosecute corruption within the FIFA (Federation International of Football Association), Spalding argued that this leadership is drawing support for the global anti-corruption movement. He also mentioned how Olympic host-cities have increased pressure to detect, prosecute, and prevent corruption, specifically citing Brazil’s efforts to do so.

Professor Spalding concluded his message by urging students to challenge their perception of corruption. “We will never eliminate [corruption],” he said, “but we can deter it significantly.”