Assistant Dean of External Relations

November 13, 2018

Benson Dastrup joined BYU Law School as Assistant Dean for External Relations in January 2017. Prior to joining BYU, Dean Dastrup was General Counsel at Uptake Technologies (a software company focused on big data predictive analytics for industrial IoT) and The Impact Lab (a mission-driven start-up focused on big data analytics for social good). He also worked for more than a decade as in-house legal counsel for Wolfram Research, Omniture, and Adobe Systems. Dean Dastrup is a graduate of The University of Chicago Law School (JD; 2003) and Brigham Young University (BA-Philosophy; 1999).

Dean Dastrup is married with five children: two at home, two BYU students living in the dorms, and one BYU alum living abroad. He fills his spare time with percussive instruments, bicycles, snowboards, frisbees, and socio-culinary adventures.