BYU Law student served on University Grievance Committee

January 14, 2016

BYU Law student Tyler Smith recently served as the graduate student member on the University’s Grievance Review Committee. This position required a great deal of time and effort to prepare, conduct, and deliberate at each meeting.

“This is one of the most difficult and important services that faculty and graduate students can render, and requires committee members to be impartial, sensitive, compassionate, and yet rigorous in their evaluation and judgment,” said Wynn Stirling, Dean of Graduate Studies. “Tyler's participation on this committee has been superb,” he said. “If we could lay him on the Xerox machine, we would; we are seriously considering a 3D print job.”

Smith said that serving on the committee was a great opportunity to work with faculty members, and it gave him the chance to represent the graduate student voice to the University.