BYU Law Woody Deem Winners

November 14, 2018

BYU Law hosted the final round of the Woody Deem Competition on January 29, 2016. The four finalists argued a civil case alleging unlawful and excessive force by a police officer on an intoxicated female suspect. The winner was Brandon Anderson with McCall Blake as the runner-up. The other two finalists were Colt Mund and Russ Liechty.

“It was a challenge to go into it knowing almost nothing, but I feel like I learned so much and in a fun way,” Anderson said. “It was great to step into the shoes of a courtroom attorney and get a feel for what that type of practice might be like. I can’t think of a better way to learn courtroom skills.”

Judge Derek Pullan of the Fourth District presided over the final round.

“The judges were helpful in explaining the rules of evidence,” Blake said. “They gave us very practical advice, like how to be more physically aware of yourself in the court room and how you can affect the jury. All in all it was a great experience.”