May 23, 2023


1:27 PM

The Career Development Office (CDO) at BYU Law, headed by Dean of Career Development and BYU Law alum Shannon Grandy Larsen (‘11), wants BYU Law alumni to know how important they are. The CDO’s purpose is to support the professional development of BYU Law students and to enable them to find jobs after graduation. BYU…

April 12, 2023


8:06 AM

Hollywood and the film industry aren’t all glitz and glamor. Behind the scenes are off-screen professionals like BYU Law alum David Wardle (‘02), who, as he describes, “bust kneecaps for a living,” making sure people stick to their commitments and actually deliver the incredible projects that we get to enjoy on the silver screen. Through…

March 14, 2023


9:38 AM

The conversation surrounding environmental interests and planet preservation can undoubtedly be a formidable one, but voices like Marie Bradshaw Durrant’s (Class of 2010) offer a hopeful and refreshing perspective by emphasizing a balanced and practical approach to solving these issues. Besides being equipped with several degrees, Marie has a plethora of fascinating personal experiences that…

February 14, 2023


10:44 AM

For Brad Oates (‘82), studying at BYU Law was not only about a legal education, but about learning how to be “best in class” in every aspect of life. Brad’s achievements provide a resounding “yes” to the question of whether a professional athlete can take off the cleats and compete in a law school setting.…

January 25, 2023


10:25 AM

On January 20, BYU Law welcomed back alumni leaders to discuss engagement, outreach, and development for the BYU Law Alumni Chapter. The Law Alumni Chapter’s leadership is comprised of the Presidency, Board Members (who oversee Board Committees), and the Class Officers from each graduation year. Together, they envision and implement ways to engage and support…

January 25, 2023


10:12 AM

For Glenn Roper, BYU Law is a family affair. Both his parents, several uncles, and one brother graduated from the school, and his sister now works there as a professor. But after graduating from BYU with his undergraduate degree, Glenn originally wanted to attend medical school. He had a keen interest in understanding difficult concepts…

December 21, 2022


8:29 PM

Finding genuine connections and forming lasting relationships have always been part of Dave Garner’s (‘00) passion and success.  Even before Law School, Dave was connected to education. With an elementary school teacher as a mother and a seminary/institute teacher as a father, Dave grew up in a home where education was valued and celebrated. After…

November 23, 2022


11:01 AM

Written by Richard Salgado (’06), BYU Law Alumni Chapter President Alumni are often the most valuable resource for law students looking for jobs.  I’ll never forget my own first time interviewing with law firms as a 2L.  I was a mess.  Having paid my own way to fly to Washington D.C. for BYU’s early interviewing program,…

November 11, 2022


12:10 PM

When Rebekah-Anne Duncan (formerly Gebler), first started at BYU Law, her father gave her this bit of advice: “It is always better to be kind than right.”  Her experience that followed at the Law School echoed her father’s counsel and centralized service as the driving force of her career. Rebekah-Anne still carries Dean James R.…

October 3, 2022


11:19 AM

Three years after graduating with a JD-MBA from BYU Law, George Simons is CEO of SoloSuit, a company that assists online users in responding to debt lawsuits. The secret to his success, he believes, was the strong sense of self he developed even prior to law school. Law school proved to be a demanding and…