December Graduates

November 14, 2018

BYU Law invited fall graduates to a luncheon on December 3rd to congratulate the 23 students on their achievements. Graduates had the opportunity to mingle with BYU Law faculty and share their post-graduate plans. Following the lunch, Madelyn Blanchard and Tara Fitzgerald played a musical number, and Dean Rasband shared a few words.

“You are going to embark on a life where you have a lot of power in your community, the church, and in the state,” he said. “People will turn to you. With that power comes great responsibility. I hope you will be up to that task with the power that comes from your law degree.” Dean Rasband ended by saying, “There are people who really need your help… you have the capacity to help them. What people want is someone who will take their problem and say, ‘I will make it better;’ if you do that you will be successful.”

The luncheon closed with the following students receiving their diploma:
Miriam Allred
Emmalee Boekweg
Bennett H. Briggs
Niels A. Bybee
Andrew Thomas Christensen
Benjamin Timothy Dyches
Russell H. Frandsen
Alice Marriott Hales
Tyler Heid
Bryant M. Hendriksen
Ellysa Capson Hendriksen
Tyler William Holmes
David James
Kelly Roselynn Lewis
Kyler J. McCarty
Andrew Spencer McCullough
Matthew McCune
Linda A. Nouri
Jacqueline Pendleton
Adam Strong
Shantel Talbot
Anthony Lee Tisdale
Zebulun Q. Weeks