December Graduation

November 13, 2018

BYU Law commemorated the forthcoming December graduation of students Zach Atherton, Dan Benzion, Lindsay Johnson, Jared MacDonald, Jordan McDowell, Mikayda Mills, Brandon Remington, and Lynna Shin. The ceremony included a luncheon, recognition of the graduates, a musical number, and remarks from Dean Gordon Smith.

Dean Smith introduced his topic with a personal narrative. While on a date with his future wife, she asked him: “What do you want to be known for at the end of your life?” His response to her was, “I think the most important thing would be to be a person of integrity.”

Dean Smith defined integrity: “You’re not a different person at work, at school, and at home; you are one consistent person,” he said. “You can count on that person and they are stable. It’s more than honest; it’s much higher than that. It’s about being a whole person and having your values integrated.”

According to Dean Smith, people have high expectations of BYU Law graduates. “It can be a bit of a burden, or a challenge, the expectation that people have when you tell them ‘I’m a BYU Law graduate.’ I want to admonish you to think about what you value, and if you are upholding those values. I hope that as you think about that you’ll think about experiences you’ve had here,” he said.