Faculty Honored

November 15, 2018

The Association of American Law Schools Section on Business Associations announces it will honor BYU Law Professor Gordon Smith for exemplary mentorship. Twelve other professors will also be honored including: Lynne L. Dallas (San Diego); Claire Moore Dickerson (Tulane); Christopher Drahozal (Kansas); Egon Guttman (American); William A. “Bill” Klein (UCLA); Donald C. Langevoort (Georgetown); Juliet Moringiello (Widener Commonwealth); Marleen O’Connor (Stetson); Terry O’Neill (Emerita, Tulane); Charles “Chuck” O’Kelley (Seattle); Alysa L. Rolack (formerly of Indiana-Bloomington); and Roberta Romano (Yale).

The Section on Business Associations honors these individuals for their service to legal education through thoughtful, caring, and inspiring mentorship.

Honorees were nominated based on the following criteria:

  • Is eager to discuss others’ early ideas and contributes to the development and improvement of others’ work;
  • Promotes and encourages the success of junior scholars by reading and providing meaningful and useful feedback on drafts;
  • Promotes a supportive but challenging environment for conference presentations;
  • Speaks frankly, provides useful professional and personal advice when asked;
  • Actively participates in a network of scholars;
  • Facilitates professional opportunities for junior scholars such as providing introductions to others in the field, and encouraging participation in the scholarly community through writing and speaking;
  • Mentors those from under-represented communities in academics and the study of law;
  • Actively/willingly participates in the promotion process for others by advising as to tenure reviewers, writing review letters, and providing useful guidance on career advancement.