Fiduciary Law Workshop

May 18, 2015

The third annual Fiduciary Law Workshop will be held at BYU Law on May 22-23, 2015. Professor Gordon Smith will host the proceedings. An organizing committee of prominent professors in the field has put together the two-day workshop to gather faculty from law schools across the country to discuss scholarly works in progress.

Fiduciary law arises in myriad private relationships, including guardianships, employment relationships, trusts, business organizations, and professional relationships in law, medicine, and other fields. Recently, legal scholars and courts have devoted increasing attention to fiduciary law as a distinctive field of private law, and they have examined the application of fiduciary principles to public officials and public institutions.

“A number of law schools, including BYU Law School, now offer courses on fiduciary law,” Professor Smith said. “These developments suggest that fiduciary law may be poised to take a seat alongside torts, contracts, property, and unjust enrichment as a pillar of private-law education within the law school curriculum.”

The inaugural workshop was held at Notre Dame Law School in March 2013. The second annual workshop was held at the McGill University Faculty of Law in May 2014. The organizing committee for this year’s workshop consists of the following individuals:

Deborah A. DeMott
Duke Law School

Tamar Frankel
Boston University School of Law

Andrew S. Gold
DePaul College of Law

Paul B. Miller
McGill University Faculty of Law

D. Gordon Smith
J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young University

Julian Velasco
Notre Dame Law School