Future of Law Lecture

November 13, 2018

Leila Banijamali will present the next Future of Law lecture on February 1 at noon in room 205 JRCB. Her remarks are entitled “Treating Your Law School Experience Like a Startup.” Future of Law is a monthly lecture series exploring the implications of technological advances and design innovations on law.

Leila Banijamali is an entrepreneur and technology lawyer based in San Francisco, California. In 2009, she founded Bedrock, a San Francisco-based technology law firm where she is currently principal. At Bedrock, Banijamali serves as outside general legal counsel to hundreds of startups, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals. Banijamali launched Startup Documents in 2014 to automate the incorporation and legal document process for accelerated growth startup. In addition to her lead roles at both Bedrock and Startup Documents, Banijamali is a mentor at Silicon Valley’s Founder Institute, a participant at Stanford Law School’s CodeX, and continues to organize legal tech events at various law schools in the US and Canada.