Future of Law

November 13, 2018

BYU Law is pleased to introduce the Future of Law Lecture Series, a monthly series exploring the implications of technological advances and design innovations on law. Nicole Shanahan from the Stanford Center of Legal Informatics kicked off the series on September 14, 2016, with a presentation entitled, “Legal Artificial Intelligence: Lawyering in the AI Age.”

Borrowing from transaction cost theory, Shanahan highlighted the role of legal technology in optimizing the exchange of information, setting consistent expectations between parties, and mitigating risks.

“The job of a legal technologist is to mimic the cognitive processes of lawyers. With software, we expect that we can produce faster, cheaper, and more accurate legal work products,” she said.

She went on to explain, however, that the full significance of legal technology lies not just in lawyer efficiency but in its impact on socioeconomic organization.

The next speaker in the Future of Law Series will be Margaret Hagen, a Fellow at the Stanford Center on the Legal Profession and a Lecturer at Stanford Institute of Design (the d.school).  She will speak on October 12, 2016.  She will be followed on November 16, 2016, by Oliver Goodenough, Professor of Law and Director of the Center of Legal Innovation at Vermont Law School. We hope you will join us for this provocative series.