Graduation Spotlight: Jarvis Yau

March 20, 2016

Jarvis Yau is a third year BYU Law student who is looking forward to graduation. While at BYU Law he has become active, as he served as the President of the Asian Law Student Association and member of the VIS International Commercial Arbitration Team.
Looking back on the last three years of law school Jarvis can’t help but think of some of his fondest memories. Jarvis is from Hong Kong and on his first day at BYU Law he said, “I was a little nervous for the first day of class, being the very few if not only non-native English speaker.” Jarvis said although he was nervous he met a few friends in his 1L writing session who he still remains close with today.
Not only was Jarvis accepted for his culture, but he also found his classmates very thoughtful. He said, “During Thanksgiving week in the first year of law school a few classmates invited me for Thanksgiving dinner. They didn’t know I had family in Utah as well as Hong Kong, but it was this little kind gesture that shows how thoughtful and tender the people are at the BYU Law School.”
In addition to thoughtful students Jarvis said he also appreciated, “Karen Andrews for being a great career advisor and true friend, and Professors Jennejohn and Anderson for their advice on both school and career.” One of his favorite classes was Transactional Legal Drafting by Professor Curtis Anderson, who gave out assignments that were very similar to work as a junior associate.
Jarvis will take the bar in California in July, and then return to Hong Kong to start working at Baker & McKenzie. He said, “I have had a lot of professors who are truly invested in the students’ success, and if I have to list them individually it would make a very long list.”