Hail Mary: The Inside Story of BYU’s Miracle Bowl Comeback

March 19, 2015

BYU Law welcomed Ryan Tibbets Tibbetts ‘84, author of Hail Mary: The Inside Story of BYU’s Miracle Bowl Comeback. The book details the history of what has been called one of the greatest comebacks in sports history. Published in December 2014, the book has quickly become a best seller.  

“It’s the greatest bowl comebacks ever, in my opinion and many others,” Tibbetts said. “Why did I write a book about a game played 35 years ago? The joke I tell is I waited 34 years for someone who was competent to write the book, and nobody did. So I did.”

Tibbetts originally adapted the story of the 1980 Holiday Bowl as an inspirational story for youth in his ward while serving as a bishop. “One thing led to another,” he said, and a bestseller was born.

 Tibbetts shared a collection of pictures and stories both from the 1980 bowl game and his experience compiling information and publishing his book, including the development of game lessons he has included in his book. Because Tibbets’s Tibbets’  book is meant to inspire, he specifically outlined nine lessons, such as: “Never say ‘impossible’,” “Sometimes when things look impossible take a risk and run like you have nothing to lose,” and “Test the oppositions vulnerabilities and then exploit them.”

Tibbetts closed reviewing clips from the historic football game, indicating his appreciation for being a part of what formed BYU.