Jail Outreach

March 14, 2016

BYU Law’s Jail Outreach Club is dedicated to connecting law students with youth in the juvenile justice system. Court Watch, a program built by Professor David Dominguez, started with only four members, but in less than a year, has grown to over forty students who attend weekly detention hearings to ensure the residents of the local detention center receive fair and adequate hearings.

At an event on March 10, 2016, Professor Dominguez reported on the success of the program and thanked those students who volunteer. “BYU Law has a working model of a juvenile justice system that could be used across the nation,” Professor Dominguez said. He expressed his hope that this program would become a flagship for other law schools.

BYU Law student, Andy Gonzalez said about his volunteering experience: “I have seen the Court Watch program bridge the gap between youth and judges, allowing them to see the changes these kids are willing to make.”

Another law student volunteer, Morgan Luedtke, said, “I have seen the confidence of the juveniles increase as we help them by talking through their options.”

Jail Outreach announced new officers for the 2016-2017 academic year:
Courtney Young
Morgan Leudtke
McKenna Mills
Alan Hickey