Juvenile and Criminal Justice Event

January 27, 2016

BYU Law's American Constitutional Society (ACS) hosted a Juvenile and Criminal Justice event on January 27, 2016. Students had the opportunity to hear from Professor David Dominguez, who is known for his service helping teens at juvenile detention centers and inspiring students to improve their communities. 
“I want to give you some practical steps, something you can do now, to help with juvenile detention injustice,” Professor Dominguez said. “First, there are some major national organizations that need your help, whether it be researching or writing, you can put your legal skills to use. Next, you can come with me to the juvenile detention centers and observe; you can get up close and personal with these important issues.” 

Professor Dominguez closed his remarks by asking each student to give just one hour of time to this cause. Following his words the ACS played a film showing South Dakota training schools and the treatment of juveniles that violated the law.