Laura Meier: The Family Nest Egg

Our alumni find many different ways to serve and to practice law, a fact powerfully demonstrated by 2003 BYU Law graduate Laura King Meier. This year when Penguin Random House and Diversion Books published her book, The Family Nest Egg, it meant that the California family trust attorney can now help thousands of families, most of whom she will never meet.

While sales for her book may never eclipse those for Stephenie Meyer’s fiction, heading up the New York Times best sellers list was never the objective.

“The idea of a writing book, of becoming an author, never entered my mind as a law student,” said Meier. “But as I’ve developed my practice and areas of expertise, it became a compelling way to contribute and to share. I like the idea that I can help anyone interested in securing their family’s future.”

In addition to a thriving in-person practice, Laura has found numerous ways to leverage her legal expertise to broader audiences. Along with hosting the popular If Life Were Perfect podcast, she speaks on financial and estate planning topics at Fortune 500 companies. Laura has also appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX, and been featured by Forbes, among other mass media outlets.

“Sharing what I’ve learned is always rewarding,” said Meier. “Some engagements open bigger opportunities; others help solidify myself and my firm as experts in our areas of practice.”

Laura, and her husband, Joshua Meier, Esq., own The Meier Law Firm in Newport Beach, CA; they are the proud parents of four great kids. When not in the office, or on the speaking circuit, they enjoy traveling, hiking, philanthropy, and sushi nights.

“Balancing the roles of spouse and mother with my legal practice and professional life has its challenges,” Laura reports. “But I’ve learned that with the right passion and knowledge, you can carve your own unique path. And I am forever grateful to the law school for the solid foundation it provided me.”

It is a uniquely personal narrative Laura is still writing, one chapter at a time.