Law School to Lawyer Event

February 3, 2017

At the annual Law School to Lawyer event Saturday January 28, 2017, students got an inside look into what to expect in their upcoming careers. The Young Lawyers Division of the Utah Bar hosted the intimate event at the Utah Law and Justice Center in Salt Lake City. Students were encouraged to ask specific questions to attorneys working at big firms, small practices, judicial clerkships, in-house, or solo. New attorneys gave tips on how to capitalize on individual strengths when networking and how to choose a fulfilling area of law to practice.

Hiring attorneys from Clyde Snow and Ray Quinney & Nebeker talked with students about what to put in a cover letter and how to have genuine conversations in the interview. Each student got individual resume critiques from three different attorneys.  Students asked about work life balance and billable hours. The encouraging responses from attorneys built confidence in the students who attended.

“It was definitely a tough decision to attend law school after hearing all the horror stories about having no life outside of homework, dealing with a poor job market, and paying off student loan debt. It gave me a boost to see that the rewards and the light at the end of the tunnel are real,” Kyra Wood said.