Linda Anderson Competition

November 14, 2018

The BYU Law School held the final round of the Linda Anderson competition on Friday, October 23, 2015. As the Judge, Dustin Pead, put it, “We’ve had our own Friday night lights here tonight.” The four law students experienced firsthand the spotlight of an audience and the pressure that comes with going against their peers.

The two teams were made up of Chelsea Wardrop and Caroline Lamb for the prosecution, and Jade Bollinger and James Grossman for the defense. After hearing both sides, the jury, comprised of other law students, proclaimed the defendant “not guilty.” The competition judge awarded Jade Bollinger and James Grossman as competition winners with Chelsea Wardrop and Caroline Lamb as runners-up.

“Victory in this competition is about two things: cohesiveness with your partner and preparing for every alternative,” Grossman said.

BYU Law students have the opportunity to experience what is like to be the defense or prosecution through these mock trials. The scenarios push students to examine the case, evidence, and to develop strategies.