Meet a few members of the 2018 Class

November 14, 2018

“My first reaction when I heard I was accepted to BYU was one of gratitude and a strong desire to make all the arrangements necessary to go there even though it took more than a year to make it happen,” Tom Briscoe.
“I’m here because a Victim’s Advocate told me I could do it. The knowledge that someone, outside of myself, believed in me was enough to get the ball rolling. Sometimes you need an outside influence to remind you that you are capable of doing hard things, that they believe in you, and that you are worth it,” Barbara Finlinson.
“My husband and I were both accepted to BYU Law on the same day, and when we got our acceptance letters we were overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement. We had to go out and get some blue gear. We are thrilled to be attending such a reputable law program,” Kimberly Watkins.
“I am coming to law school because I believe a legal education will allow me to use my talents, experiences and values to influence society for the good. I may only have one voice but I want that voice to count. I have always taken advantage of the opportunities presented to me. I was an extra in The Lord of the Rings movies and I competed in the world amateur Sumo Wrestling Championships in 1998 and 1999 in Japan and Germany respectively,” Mark Petersen.
“Some of the BYU law professors are on a faculty flag football team with my sister. I’ve come to find that these guys are just as approachable as they are brilliant, and that type of personality is a part of the BYU culture that I absolutely love. I know that my educational experience here will be meaningful because I know that I can connect to my professors,” Arielle Sloan.
“A friend and mentor told me, ‘Your education will allow you to serve,’ something I had never before considered. I found a hidden passion for public service in college and I hope that with a law degree I will be better able to serve,” Andrew Evans.
“I worked as a paralegal for five years and loved learning about the law and working with attorneys so much, I decided to become one. This is a dream that took ten years to come to fruition,” Ashley Smith.
“Some of my life experiences have taught me that some people in this world don’t have a voice. By going to law school I can be their voice,” Jessica Payton.
“I have an intense desire to assist people in accomplishing things that they can’t do on their own. I feel that with an understanding of the law I can serve as a bridge between where somebody is and where they would like to be,” Spencer Funk.
“I am choosing to attend law school because I love learning. I look forward to the opportunity to start a new chapter in my life. I’ve been teaching high school English and history for the last six years–and I loved it! I hope BYU Law is as fulfilling as my time as a teacher,” Elise Faust.
“Like many others, I felt spiritually led to this decision. I don’t pretend to know the outcome, but I look forward to the experience,” David Wiseman.
“Getting accepted to BYU Law was definitely a change of pace after living in Hawaii for three years, but I am thrilled about the opportunity to learn and grow in ways that I never have before. I look forward to meeting the incredible faculty and growing closer to the class of 2018 as we learn about law in the light,” Sarah Bodily.