MLSA Hosts Lunch

November 15, 2018

The Minority Law Students Association (MLSA) held its first meeting to welcome incoming student members. Andy Gonzalez conducted the meeting as the president of the MLSA, with board members Victoria Chen, Rachel Okura, Joy Kalumbi, and Stacey Tellus in attendance. Travis Hyer, president of the Native American Law Student Association, encouraged those in attendance to focus on three things to be a well-rounded law school student: study groups, outlines, and co-curricular activities. “Law school is a skill to be acquired,” he said. “Get comfortable practicing it.”

Professor Michalyn Steele emphasized that the BYU Law faculty is interested not only in the professional success of the students, but also in their personal success. “We need your voices in the classroom; we need your perspective to help with the education of your fellow students,” she said.

Not only will the students at BYU Law help each other in school, but they will go on to become healers in their careers. Professor Carl Hernandez advised the students to always remember the motivations that brought them to law school. He said that though there will always be things that raise questions about the direction they are going in their professional life, if they remember the reasons they came to law school they will never lose focus. Ultimately, law school can change lives for the better. He said that he would not have the same courage he has now to go out and ask questions and talk to people if he had not attended law school. He also encouraged the students to raise their hands, volunteer, and ask questions.

Professor RonNell Andersen Jones concluded the meeting by welcoming the students back to a new season of learning. She encouraged the incoming class to be prepared and to work hard. It is such a blessing to be able to experience law school and to come out on the other side with a toolbox to make a difference, she said.