New Clark Scholars Program

November 14, 2018

BYU Law is now accepting applicants for its new Clark Scholars Program. Beginning with the class that starts in the fall of 2016, the program will provide up to 12 students a year with a full-tuition scholarship and a $5,000 yearly stipend for the three years they attend law school. Students must have a minimum of a 164 on the LSAT and 3.8 undergraduate GPA to apply for this scholarship.

Not only does this program provide students with financial support, but these students will also benefit from unique opportunities for academic enrichment and expanded networking. Clark Scholars will be provided funding to attend two domestic academic conferences during law school to enhance their exposure to subject matter areas of interest.

In addition, they will compose the Clark Scholars Board under the sponsorship of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and will have additional interaction with visiting jurists, scholars and other distinguished guests at the Law School.

Gayla Sorenson, admissions director, describes the impact of the new program, “In addition to the outstanding value offered by BYU Law to all its students, those chosen for the Clark Scholars Program will receive an enhanced academic experience with lifelong benefits. We know these students will in turn play key roles in promoting the legacy of J. Reuben Clark through their academic excellence and dedicated service.”

To apply to be a Clark Scholar, students must indicate interest on their BYU Law application, which must be completed by January 29, 2016. For students to meet this deadline they must take the LSAT no later than December 2015.

The Clark Scholarship Selection Committee, which consists of faculty members and the dean of admissions, will review applicant files and hold interviews. The recipients of the scholarship will be announced February 8, 2016. The program is an early admission program, so recipients of the award will be required to notify BYU Law of their acceptance of the offer and withdraw their applications to all other law schools by March 1, 2016.