New SBA President

March 13, 2015

BYU Law's Student Bar Association recently held elections for a new president. Cara Duchene, currently a 1L, emerged from the democratic process as the newly elected president of the student association.

“It was really humbling to see so many of my fellow law students support me,” Duchene said, “and I am really honored to have the opportunity and responsibility to serve next year in this role.”

Duchene's natural energy and love for people added to her drive to not only be a part of the SBA, but to run for the leading position. “Ever since I first came to the Law School I knew I wanted to be a part of the SBA. I love being in a position to get to know more people, and then being able to find ways to help those people have a good experience here.”

“To me, the role of the SBA is to serve and connect the entire student body with each other and with faculty and administration,” Duchene said. “The most important thing to me in serving as SBA President is to unify the Law School as a whole and to make sure that students feel like they have a say in what's going on here.”

Duchene is currently on the East Coast, working on a civil rights project. When she returns, she will begin to pick up the reins from the current SBA leadership. “For the remaining part of this semester I will be working closely with the current President Anthony Loubet and the rest of the SBA Board to prepare to fill the new positions on the SBA Board,” she said.