Provo Mayor John Curtis Speaks to BYU Law Students

November 14, 2018

BYU Law Environment Energy and Resource Society (EERS) and Government and Politics Legal Society (GPLS) co-hosted Provo Mayor John Curtis who spoke on February 3, 2016. Mayor Curtis talked about the environmental and traffic issues facing Provo.

Mayor Curtis talked specifically about the increased usage of motor vehicles and the impact it has on the environment. He talked about Provo’s goal of supporting alternative methods of transportation, such as providing more bus rapid transit (BRT), and making better bike lanes.

Mayor Curtis strongly encouraged students to be active in their city and to use their voices to better their community. “Find one issue you care about, transportation, pollution, bike lanes, whatever it may be and come to a council meeting where it is being discussed,” Curtis said. “There you can become part of that conversation. That is how you can help and make a difference.”